Frédéric Dumunier

DO(Fr), DOMP (ON.)

Fred is a French Osteopath DO(Fr) and a graduate of the IFOGA, a French osteopathic school in Avignon, France. He is passionate of the complexity of the human body and its great capacity of adaptation to a stressor. The comprehension of the different mechanisms that lead to the complaint is for Fred crucial to treat it efficiently. His work on the impact of osteopathy on the autonomic nervous system monitored by the Heart Rate Variability gave him an Honorable Mention.

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His diverse experiences with athletes during the French Championship in Athletics and in many sporting events in France gave him the desire to be excellent. He never stops studying, as he is a teacher at the Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy in Toronto and an assistant teacher at the Barral Institute, a World Wide continuing education for Visceral and Neural Manipulation.

Fred’s adventurous spirit sent him to Morocco as part of the medical team for the rally race “Raid Passion Désert”. He is also the leading volunteer of Osteopathy for Haiti that has for mission to share the osteopathic approach within the Hospital Albert Schweitzer. Since 2017, more than 70 hours of training were conducted with the medical and paramedical staff of the hospital. He uses many different osteopathic techniques to find the origin of the problem and better respond to his patient’s needs. He works on visceral, musculoskeletal and cranial systems with patients of all ages, from new-born babies to the elderly, as well as athletes and pregnant women. Frederic proposes to his patients a personalized approach in collaboration with other therapists to find solutions to recuperate health and wellness. He is currently working in several clinic locations as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner DO(Fr) in the GTA.


First Visit Osteopathic Assessment
$140  –   60 Minute Assessment & Treatment

Osteopathic Treatment Session
$140   –   60 Minute Treatment Session
$240   –   90 Minute Treatment Session
$280   –   120 Minute Treatment Session

Frédéric Dumunier (So.Ca.T.O. member #17-02) is an active member in good standing with the Société Canadienne pour la Tradition de l’Ostéopathie (So.Ca.T.O.).

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