Osteopathic Movement Therapy Class

Osteo Movement Exercise Therapy (aka ELDOA) is great for enhancing stability and decompression of joints for athletic performance, pain relief and preventive care. It comprises of a series of postural exercises that make you sweat and feel taller! Each position is aimed at a specific joint and uses your body’s own connective tissue to create local strength and stability while creating space, hydration and decompression in the chosen articulation. Osteo Movement Exercise Therapy relieves chronic issues from nerve compression in joint spacing. It is a home run for neck pain, back pain, general joint pain (hip, shoulder etc), disc bulges and disc herniations. It’s great to use this tool to feel better having options beyond drugs and surgery. Google ELDOA for more insight!

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ELDOA was developed by French Osteopath Guy Voyer, DO. Take the ELDOA challenge. You work up to being able to hold them for 1 minute plus. Each person’s body needs slight modifications for each ELDOA to achieve optimal decompression and strength. Find out how to modify them for you with Biodynamics Toronto. Come to one of our classes or email to schedule your complimentary 20 min phone conversation about your health & wellness goals.
ELDOA has been written about in Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine, Acupuncture Today Magazine, by Olympic Coach Kim Goss, Warren Hammer, MS DC DABCO, Golf Digest Magazine and is used by members of the Vancouver Canucks, Dallas Stars, Ryan Dambach baseball, professional athletes, celebrities and everyday people like YOU

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Why take Osteo Movement Exercise Therapy?

Gravity is not your friend! As a child it seems that gravity is just there. You don’t really notice it. It’s there, sure but you run, fall, bounce back up and keep running, no big deal. Fast forward 1, 2 or even 3 decades and suddenly there is less bouncing. There certainly is more falling. And probably long periods of sitting and straining and twisting with maybe even the odd breaking and herniating thrown in for good measure! On a day to day basis this often sounds like:

“oh, my back is sore”
“are there more stairs now than last year”
“I can’t lift my arm above my head”
“why do I feel a bit wobbly?
“I can’t turn my head all the way over to the side”

These are just some of the pain and symptoms that seem to become “normal”. Over time, though these “normal” conditions worsen to the point where major surgery and/or pharmaceuticals are required. Add to that the conditions that lead to these symptoms such as lack of regular movement, repetitive motions, inflammation, dehydration, poor circulation and a regular dose of alcohol and processed or fast foods and you have the perfect storm for poor health.

How we do the therapy?

Traction. Good for cars in the snow. Also good for back pain and proper posture. But rather than use a modernized version of what looks like a torture device our Osteo Movement Exercise Therapy teaches you to use your own body’s connective tissue web to stretch and flex specific spinal joints to create active traction which then generates space in the joints to relieve pressure and pain on sensitive structures. Our therapy The Movement Therapy Classes at Biodynamics Toronto are designed to work with many active techniques to improve whole body function and pain relief.

Stimulation of the neurological system to have greater communication with the body to develop plasticity. Normalization of the fascial system to release tight muscles that are causing restriction and discomfort as well as tensioning this system to create space at a chosen joint. For example you can do an exercise at the level of L5/S1 for the low back, C4/C5 of the neck. Specific strengthening of the core are superior for the ability to spare the back while building muscular fitness/endurance and maintaining stability and control. This integration is an essential component in adding activity back into your lifestyle.

What do people have to say about this Osteo Movement Therapy Class?

“I thought I was in reasonably good shape until I took this class. I wanted to gain some greater flexibility to perform better in some sports I played regularly. After the first class I was surprised by how inflexible I actually was but also by how good I felt afterward. The exercise work in the class itself was tough, hard but again it showed me just how tight I actually was everywhere. I’m going weekly now and learning how to do the specific exercises to the point I can do it regularly at home.”

– Peter Min, Toronto, ON

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